Memories of Emerson Park Auburn NY

I was born in Auburn, NY in the finger lakes region.  Auburn is located on Owasco lake and when I was little there was a merry go round there.  My dad took me there all the time.  I never wanted to stop riding my favorite horse so my dad would just pay the guy to let me stay on as long as I wanted.  I remember warm summer nights, after dinner, I would beg him to take my friend Laurie and me to the park and when he said yes it was the best thing ever!  There was a playground there too but the only attraction for me were those beautiful horses.  That feeling when the horses first started to move and the exhiliration as it turned faster and the breeze cooled us on those hot summer nights. It felt like freedom.  Anything was possible then.


Emerson Park Merry go round is now a playhouse

I looked and looked for a picture when it was still there but I couldn’t find one and my parents apparently never took any when we lived there.


Emerson park fountain

When I was about 6 I was heartbroken to learn that they were taking away my beloved carousel and enclosing the building it was in.  I tried to imagine how they would take away an entire merry go round.  I thought they might have to tip it up on its side and roll it away.  I even asked my dad if that’s how they would do it.  I do remember that he took me there one last time before it was taken away and I tried to memorize my horse ( I always rode the same one).  When we left that day it was the first time in my young life that I felt grief.  We moved away a couple years later.  The park is still a beautiful place and has been expanded to include the playhouse that is in the old merry go round and a waterfront pavilion.  Seeing the pictures makes me wish I lived closer.  For me it will always be the Merry go round park in my heart.   Emerson Park, Auburn NY

Emerson Park Owasco lake waterfront pavilion



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