No discussion about rock guitarists would be complete without the great Eddie Van Halen .  Eddie is a unique guitarist because he started off as a classically trained pianist by his father Jan.  I think that is what gives his playing such a distinctive sound.  I can always tell in the first few notes that it’s him playing. 


I also always particularly admired his energy level onstage.  It’s amazing to be able to jump and run and even swing from a wire all while still playing a million notes. In recent years, he seems to have lost perspective and the future of his band seems uncertain because as talented as he is, he seems to have forgotten that you can’t have a band without a lead singer and he has been through his fair share of them at this point and his most recent firing of long time bassist michael anthony so he could hire his son as a replacement shows that he may have lost touch with reality.  However, he still high on my list as one of the world’s greatest musicians.



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