Little birds

This was inspired by one I saw like this on pinterest.  so much so that I ran right to the fabric store and bought everything to make them and had them done in a weekend.  I love them so much I am already thinking of other things I can make with these cute little birds on them.  I am thinking, glasses cases, tote bags, ………gee what wouldn’t they look cute on??? 🙂

Colorful Bird Pillows

The birds are just cut out of felt ( I bought a sheet of each color).  I freehanded the pattern for them.  Then they are stitched with a quilting stitch using 3 strands of contrasting color embroidery floss.  I also used floss for the wires that the birds are perched on.  The blue fabric was actually a remnant and I still have enough left to make another project out of it.   I love remnants for that reason, I think the 1 1/2 yard piece was 1.50.  The pillow forms were re-covered pillows I already had so really a lot of this is re-cycling.and it was fun to do!


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