Living in a Clocktower

NYC penthouse clocktower main living area

Today I have searching interesting architecture and I ran across pictures of the most amazing penthouse apartment in NYC.  I had seen it before but re-found it today.  The apartment is at the top of a building in the DUMBO (down under manhattan bridge overpass) neighborhood of Brooklyn.  The building was an former cardboard factory.  The space has has 4 huge clockfaces as part of the architecture.  Actually they are all clear so you would have a 360 view of the city.  Now that is my idea of an apartment!!

Check this out!!!!


Penthouse clocktower

I have always been fascinated by clocks, I use them all the time in my collages.  I think its because of the idea of time and how things are ever changing because of time passing.  Flowers grow and die, the weather is always changing, people faces change over time.  Old couples who have been together a long time start to resemble each other.  All this because of time.  It’s really true that the older you get time passes more quickly.  I can remember when my weekends seemed to be full of time and now they just fly on by like the weeks.  Boy, I wish at the end of the workday i was going home to a place like that one in those pictures….maybe someday.  For now it is just a dream. 

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!


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