Great Guitar players

Alex playing Hope live


I have always admired musicians.  Guitarists in particular.  Playing the guitar is way more involved that we might think.  Alex Lifeson of Rush, for example, when he plays it really sounds like there are 2-3 guitarists in that band until you see them in a video or even better, live and you realize all that sound is coming from one guy.  On their last album, Snakes and Arrows, he did an acoustic solo called “Hope” that he also wrote himself.  normally he and Geddy Lee write all the music together.  This one was all his and even though its not quite 3 minutes long, its breathtakingly, achingly beautiful.  If you haven’t see Rush live, you need to put it on your bucketlist.

I have many other favorite guitarists as well but I will write about them and the drummers separately.  Too many to list 🙂


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