Trash to treasure

So the past 2 days I have been on pinterest  (   nearly nonstop.  Seriously I am starting to think I have a problem, but there are just so many many great ideas and inspirational ideas on there!  So anyway the main thing I have been looking at is changing one thing into another.  One excellent idea I found was to take a t shirt (and god knows I have plenty of those!) and cut the top part off, then you sew around with regular threat on top and elastic thread on the inside (bobbin thread).  You end up with a really cute skirt that has an elastic shirred waist and of course the bottom is hemmed because you are re-using the t shirt’s original hem.  The directions can be found here:

The other one was again to take a t shirt and this time cut the bottom off so you have the top part with the sleeves, then you make a simple a-line or straight skirt for the bottom and sew the top of the tshirt to the waistline area.  I know!  These came from pinterest!  Well those and many others.  So that is what I am planning to do this weekend while I am recovering from my 2nd epidural injection in my back that i am getting tomorrow afternoon….whoo hooo!!  Although I am getting out early from work and it’s also payday YAY!

Have a great day!  BE INSPIRED!


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