I want to tell a story, the story is about a man named Sam.  He was born the youngest in an Irish Catholic family in New Haven CT near the turn of the century.  He had 2 older sisters and a much older brother.  He lived in a lower middle class neighborhood where his father worked for the New Haven/NY railroad as a clerk and his mom was a mom.  They were hardworking people.  As he grew up, it seemed that his brother was always a higher achiever than him and was a tough act to follow.  He wanted so badly to be as successful and to make something of his life.  When he was barely 18 years old, he followed his brother Cliff to the recruiting office of the Army.  It was then end of world war I.  He joined and hoped that in so doing would find his niche in life.  It was 1917.

to be continued……………………………….


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