New ideas..Poppies and such

I have been playing around with some new ideas.  One of them is a series of flowers made of fabric and done on canvas with gel medium.  Poppies are a new fascination for me.  I have always liked them but lately I have been looking for pictures of them and planning to make them out of paper and fabric.  The colors are so beautiful, reds, yellows orange, they are so delicate and yet strong enough to survive drought and wind conditions in the wild.  I feel like that is how I have been in my own life.  I have had to adapt to extreme conditions, be resiliant and resistant to negative outside influences of which there are so many.  Honestly I cannot figure out why there are so many people in the world who are persistently and consistently negative.  Actually I am not as good at resisting them anymore, I mostly have to practice avoidance.  When I meet someone new and sense that this is how they are, I have to back away and keep them at a distance to avoid getting drawn into their problems.  My mom always tells me that I have a problem taking on other’s feelings and problems.  I think she is right.  So protect myself I will and must.  Well as much as I am able anyway.

TTYL, if anyone is reading……have a great day Namaste!



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