This morning I decided that I would bring a sketch book with me to work so I could jot down ideas or work on designs.  I grabbed it off the bookcase in my room just before I left.  So, it gets to be lunchtime and I take it out of my bag so i can work on ideas for Angry Blonde.  I opened the book and was shocked to see my deceased sister’s handwriting.  The book I grabbed without looking is hers and she wrote down everything that happened at her job as CMO with Miva up until they let her go while she was in the hospital.  Reading it I felt outraged that a company would do a thing like that.  She had been managing several of their offices and was travelling a lot of the time to London, San Diego, India, NYC.  Granted, she didn’t tell them she was sick or go out on disability because she was afraid it would hurt her reputation as a hard worker.  The company was in transition and there had been layoffs in all departments including hers.  Even her own boss who had been letting her work from home was gone.  She says “the new guy wanted all desks filled with industrious people”   She admits she should have told HR that she was in intensive care rather than continuing to work from the hospital bed, as if she were fine, using her blackberry and laptop.  At the time and even now I admire her for doing that.  She managed for weeks without anyone suspecting where she really was.  I am not sure if she was planning to file suit against them or was just venting but I felt the injustice with her as I read what she put on paper.  I can almost hear her telling the story.  She was an amazing woman and she didn’t even know it.

Anyway, now I dont feel like sketching.  Maybe later.


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