Creative weekend

Well I had a creative weekend, got the studio a bit more organized and started on a new piece witha working title of “angry blonde”.  I painted the background black.  It was inspired by a book about Eminem that i found in a thrift store.  I am not a fan of his music but I find him interesting for some reason and in reading his lyrics, I was further inspired for this piece.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out.  I really enjoy the process.  So many times, the piece turns out much different than I originally intended.  Once I start it, I am thinking about the elements I am adding even when I am doing something else, like knitting.  I spent a lot of time knitting over this weekend and it frees my mind to think about other things.  I really cant wait to get home so I can start adding the background pieces.

Have a creative and joyous day……………..


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